Service Warranty – FAQ

At Autos Unlimited, we want to take the mystery out of extended warranties. You can find answers to some of our customers’ most common questions below!


What is an extended warranty (also known as a service contract)?

An extended warranty, or extended service contract, provides coverage for the mechanical breakdown of covered vehicle components.

What are covered components?

The covered components will vary depending on the type of service contract you purchase. They are also broken down into time or mileage restrictions, ie; 5 years or 100,000 km’s whichever occurs first.

Types of service contracts

We offer a variety of service contract types to cover you based on your needs and driving habits:


This type of service contract covers vehicle components like the electrical system, major brake components, ABS, steering, engine cooling system, air conditioning, major clutch components, front and rear suspension, body, and fuel system.


Engine, turbo-charger, transmission, transfer case, drive axel, seals and gaskets


Powertrain plus; steering, brakes, electrical, air conditioner


Enhanced plus; front and rear suspension, enhanced electrical, fuel delivery, cooling

* See dealer for details some exclusions and restrictions may apply.


Should I purchase a service contract?

The number one question you should ask yourself: “How long do I plan to keep this vehicle?”

With some exceptions, some cars will come with a comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty at the time of purchase, mileage and duration will vary by manufacturer. Before your warranty expires you may want protection in case of any breakdowns. If you plan on keeping your vehicle for more than 3 years, it makes sense to consider an extended service contract!


What are some of the benefits of Autos Unlimited’s service contracts?

  • You can incorporate the cost of your service contract into your vehicle financing, which means there are no upfront costs, and you get the peace of mind knowing that future repairs won’t have to be paid out of pocket.
  • All of Auto’s Unlimited pre-owned vehicle service contracts are fully backed by Sym-Tech the leading provider for pre-owned vehicle coverage in Canada.

If you want the superior peace of mind that comes with a comprehensive extended service contract from Autos Unlimited, contact one of our Financial Services Managers today! Whether you’re interested in adding a service contract to a new vehicle, or your existing vehicle is coming up to its third birthday, we’ll be more than happy to help!