Financing for all credit

  1. Ethical Financing
    1. We believe in doing what is right for people and their finances. Many dealers take advantage of people’s poor credit by substantially increasing the interest rate and vehicle prices just because the customer has limited alternatives. In the same way other dealers have to take advantage of people’s credit because they spend thousands of extra dollars to advertise to people in difficult credit situations. At Autos Unlimited we believe that simply providing a better service than anyone else will allow us to acquire our competitor’s business and make money on volume. You can buy with confidence here knowing you are dealing with the business that is going to give you the best financial outcome.
  2. Credit Experts
    • At Autos Unlimited we pride ourselves in staffing the most knowledgeable and friendly financing experts. Our staff has had years of experience and training in dealing with all kinds of credit situations. Over the years we have developed close relationships with all banks and financial institutions so we can get our customers better approvals than our competitors. We deal in such a high volume of cars, it allows us to get better rates than our competitors. At Autos Unlimited, you can buy with confidence knowing the most knowledgeable experts in Kingston are on your side.
  3. When the Banks Say No
    • Unlike most dealers, our dealership will finance credit that the banks won’t. In these situations, we use our own money to provide the loan so you can get that car that you need. For this reason, there are very few credit situations we cannot handle and if you need a vehicle but are not sure about your credit, you came to the right place.
  4. Our Credit Counseling & Building Program

We want to attract customers with our reputation and put them in a situation where they can buy again in a few years, hopefully at a better interest rate. Many people end up in a situation with their credit that was truly not their fault and they don’t know how to recover. Regardless of the situation we provide advice and an action plan for rebuilding your credit. Sign up with us today to get the help you need when you buy a car from Autos unlimited.